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Teeth X Ray Requirements For Your Kids!

May 31, 2022

When kids go to the dentist regularly, any problems can be caught early, which helps make sure all their new teeth come in right. Also, going to the dentist early helps kids learn how to take care of their bodies.

Do children need regular X-rays of their teeth as part of their dental care?

Radiation is something that worries many parents. Even though there is a (small) risk, X-rays are an important part of a full oral health plan. You can visit Modern Dentistry Of Peoria for any sort of dental diagnostic-related treatment for your kids.

When do kids need X-rays, and how often?

Our Peoria Dentist will only take X-rays of a child’s teeth once a year or once every two or three years if the child has never had cavities or other dental problems. But if the child has dental problems often, X-rays may need to be done every six months.

Deciduous teeth can have problems more quickly than adult teeth because they aren’t as big. Bacteria find it easier to break through the enamel and get to the inside of the tooth. Suppose the dentist thinks that any teeth are at risk of decay. In that case, they will probably use X-rays to find out more since the window of time for treating a child is usually shorter than it is for treating an adult.

When should kids get X-rays of their teeth?

Many dentists in Peoria say that kids should get their first X-rays when they have two teeth that touch, usually between 9 and 13 months. As some teeth start to come through the gums, your dentist may also want to take X-rays.

Do kids need X-rays of their teeth?

Yes, dentists agree that the benefits are much greater than any possible risks.

Why are X-rays of a baby’s teeth important?

X-rays are a big part of making sure that baby teeth stay healthy. They help the dentist find cavities, cracks, and other signs of tooth decay. The sooner a dental problem is found, the easier and less expensive it is to treat.

X-rays help the dentist look at teeth below the gum line and teeth that have already come out. Your dentist can tell if your teeth will come in at the right angle and if there will be enough room in your mouth so that they won’t touch each other. X-rays let the dentist see things about the teeth that they couldn’t see any other way.

Different kinds of X-rays

Do kids need X-rays of their teeth? Yes, but not always with the same kind of X-ray. There are different X-rays of a baby’s teeth, and each one is used for a different reason.


These X-rays show a picture of the crowns (the part of the tooth that you can see) in one part of the mouth, as the back molars. Bitewing X-rays can find tooth decay, especially where plaque builds up between the teeth. They also help measure changes in bone density, which could be a sign of gum disease.


This kind of X-ray makes a picture of one or two teeth that shows everything about them, from the roots to the crowns. Most of the time, they are used to looking at the root and bone structure.


Occlusal X-rays take a picture of either the top or bottom row of teeth. They let your dentist see if your child’s teeth are in the right place when they bite.


You can see the whole mouth with a panoramic X-ray, including both rows of teeth. They are often used to diagnose and treat problems with teeth coming in or getting stuck. They are also sometimes used to remove tumors from the jaw.


When making orthodontics, cephalometric X-rays are used. The X-ray shows a profile view of the patient’s whole head, including the teeth and jaw.

Computerized Tomography with a Cone Beam

Computerized tomography makes a digital picture of the teeth, gums, mouth, and neck in three dimensions (known as the maxillofacial region). It is used to treat crooked teeth, cleft palates, root canals, and damage to the face, like the jaw or sinuses.

What are the worries about giving X-rays to kids for their teeth?

There are many good things about getting X-rays of a child’s teeth, but a few things could go wrong.

Compared to adults, children are more sensitive to the bad effects of radiation. Even though kids only get a very small amount of radiation during an X-ray, their dose per unit is higher than adults.

Another possible worry is the time it takes for things to add up. When a young child gets an X-ray, the radiation stays in their body for much longer than when an adult gets an X-ray. It’s why dentists only give a child more than one X-ray a year if they have many dental problems.

Lastly, the kind of equipment used could be a cause for worry. Older X-ray machines usually only have one setting, which means that a child’s X-ray often uses more radiation. Find a dentist near you who uses modern X-ray machines with adjustable radiation levels to ensure you are as safe as possible.

How safe are X-rays?

Yes, all dental groups agree that kids should have dental X-rays as long as the dentist in Peoria follows all safety rules. When it comes to diagnosing and treating dental problems, the benefits of X-rays far outweigh the small chance of problems caused by the small amount of radiation exposure.

Visit Modern Dentistry Of Peoria to know more about your child’s X-ray-related treatment.