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How To Improve Dental Health In Children?

May 25, 2021

We are all aware of how practicing good dental care habits at an early age can be beneficial in our future. Therefore, it is essential to help them develop these habits while they are young. Poor hygiene can negatively affect your child’s eating, speaking, and jaw alignment. Our dentists at Modern Dentistry of Peoria have come up with several strategies to improve your child’s dental health. Let us take a look at them.

What should be the Correct Toothbrush?

Selecting the perfect toothbrush can stimulate an interest in your child to brush twice. They must be the correct size and fit in your kid’s mouth with ease. It should be extremely easy to use and make brushing a fun task. Let your children tag along with you while getting their toothbrushes. Let them pick their favorite one. This will generate enthusiasm and they would take a keen interest in brushing. Make sure that the bristles are soft and do not cause any damage to your child’s gums. Replace the toothbrush every three months to avoid bacteria buildup.

Proper Guidance While Brushing

Keep a close eye on your child’s brushing routine. Do not leave them unattended, as it might turn dangerously fatal. Kids are not born experts and might require guidance while brushing. Additionally, it might also be difficult for them to reach the corners and crevices. If required, brush their teeth once again to ensure effective cleaning. Thorough supervision is required till the age of seven. Monitor them closely and guide them in case of mistakes.

Time their Brushing Process

You can set a timer while your child is brushing. They must rush through the entire process which might result in ineffective cleaning. It is best to brush for two minutes and setting a timer might do the trick.

When to Start Flossing?

Don’t wait for your kids to grow up to teach them how to floss. As soon as their teeth move close to each other and the gap is reduced, the risk for food to accumulate is greater. Early flossing will help them to get rid of this leftover debris and get them accustomed to an important habit that will provide lifelong protection to their teeth. It is essential to teach them the correct way to floss as it will help them in their adult years as well.

How Much Sugar is Too Much Sugar?

You must reduce your kid’s sugar consumption. Sugary candies and juices can stick to their teeth and pave the way for extensive tooth decay. Cavities might just be lurking at the corner. It could also lead to enamel erosion. Rinse their mouths thoroughly after they consume sugar-laden substances. Talk to them about the ill effects of sugar and you probably will have to worry less about how to get your kids to eat healthier. Keep a check on the consumption level and you are good to go.

Can Mouthguards help?

Consider opting for mouthguards for your children. It will protect them from any sort of injury while playing sports. These guards act as a covering for your child’s teeth and keep that pearly white smile intact!

Why are Regular Dental Checkups Important?

You must take your kids to the dentist from the age of two. Regular dental checkups can ascertain the early diagnosis of severe illnesses and protect your child from fatal situations in the future. They might also start taking interest in their dental health and their fears associated with the dentist might decrease considerably. 

Do you still have questions regarding your child’s dental health? Contact the best pediatric dentist in Peoria, AZ, and get the answer to all your queries today.