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Denture is still a great choice for you!

June 30, 2022

Loss of teeth is more than a cosmetic concern. As one in four Americans over 65 can testify, complete tooth loss may lead to mental misery, social shame, and a lack of nutrition caused by limited eating options.

But there are treatments like the detachable denture, a successful dental repair for over a century. In its evolved version, the removable denture is a useful, economical, and appealing option to recover missing teeth.

Do You Think Dentures Are Still A Great Choice?

Creating a functional denture starts by obtaining accurate impressions of a patient’s gum ridges. We use this technique’s data to construct a plastic resin foundation tinted to imitate the natural gums. Using historical images and other materials describing how the patient appeared with teeth, we determine the ideal size and form of porcelain teeth and then place them onto the base.

We fine-tune the dentures the first time they’re in the patient’s mouth to ensure they have a tight fit and a balanced bite when the jaws come together. We also want to ensure the dentures are appealing and mix nicely with other facial characteristics. The result: a new set of teeth that can fulfill the work of the old ones and appear almost as authentic and appealing.

Nevertheless, dentures or false teeth have one important drawback. They can’t reverse bone loss, a typical effect of losing teeth. They may potentially hasten bone loss due to the pressure they bear on the gum ridges. The continuing bone loss might lead their formerly solid fit to slacken, making them less useful and considerably more painful to wear.

But a novel invention might put the brakes on bone loss for a denture user. By inserting miniature implants embedded at different spots along the gums, a denture with suitable fittings joins firmly with the implants to support the denture rather than the gum ridges. Not only does this lessen the amount of pressure that is applied to the gums, but the titanium that is included inside the implants also attracts bone cells to themselves and encourages the growth of these cells.

Dentures continue to be a reliable option for tooth replacement due to these and other developments made in current technology. Not only may they bring back a grin, but they can also enhance a person’s general health and sense of wellbeing.

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