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At Modern Dentistry of Peoria, our professional whitening treatments offer a more effective solution than over-the-counter products, helping you regain a bright, confident smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Peoria, AZ

In reality, it’s almost inevitable that your teeth will become stained. Over time, all the coffee and tea we drink and all the pizza and pasta we eat can add up. In fact, almost anything you eat and drink adds a little something to your smile. This happens gradually, but eventually, you become aware that your teeth aren’t “pearly whites” anymore.

Professional whitening remains one of the easiest ways to give a boost to your smile and your confidence. Our whitening treatments are stronger and more effective than the products in the toothpaste aisle. Whether you prefer in-office whitening or trays to take home, most patients notice significant improvements after a few sessions.

It’s time to take control of your oral care. Get rid of the stains, and let your smile brighten people’s days. At Modern Dentistry of Peoria, we’ll help you discover which whitening option is best for you.

Woman receiving a light activated professional teeth whitening
  • What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

    Teeth whitening offers several benefits, including a brighter smile, enhanced confidence, and a more youthful appearance. It also helps remove stains from coffee, tea, and smoking, improving overall oral hygiene.

  • How is professional teeth whitening performed?

    Professional teeth whitening involves applying a high-concentration bleaching agent to your teeth. We use advanced techniques and equipment, including laser or light-activated systems, to enhance the whitening process and achieve optimal results quickly and safely.

  • How do I whiten my teeth at home?

    To whiten your teeth at home, you can use over-the-counter whitening strips, toothpaste with whitening agents, or custom-fitted trays from your dentist. Regular brushing and flossing, along with avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks, also help maintain a brighter smile.

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