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Health Benefits of Choosing Mercury Free Dentistry

January 8, 2022

Mercury-free dentistry is a viable option for those concerned about using amalgam in dental fillings. Though used less often than it once was in the past, amalgam is still a common material used to fill cavities. It consists of a combination of metals that include mercury.

Mercury is used to make the mixture easy to manipulate and press into the tooth while still hardening quickly. However, some people have concerns regarding mercury’s effect on their health.

What Are the benefits of choosing mercury-free dentistry?

If you are concerned about your health, mercury-free dentistry may be a suitable choice for you.

Keep reading to see the seven benefits of choosing this form of dentistry.

Safer for dentists and patients

Amalgam exposes dental professionals to mercury in the workplace. Mercury exposure can lead to some neurological and health problems. A person’s symptoms depend significantly on the length of orientation, age, and overall health. Most importantly, the most significant factor is the amount of mercury they encounter.

A mercury-free dental facility creates a healthy working environment and holds to the medical professional’s calling to not harm.

Better for pregnant women

It is common knowledge that what an expectant mom eats or drinks can affect the baby. Any encounters with chemicals can also have an impact on the child.

Fillings with mercury may pose a risk to a developing infant. A study by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health found that mercury fillings could play a role in perinatal death. Even after accounting for other harmful habits like smoking and drinking, a link between mercury fillings and infant death remained.

Healthier option

Mercury is toxic. Using it in fillings is an unsafe practice that should end. It can affect the immune, urinary, cardiac, respiratory and digestive systems.

Mercury can quickly vaporize at room temperature and is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. This leaves the patient and dentist unaware that it is being absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Gives you a more natural smile

If you have a metal crown or filling, it will be pretty noticeable when you smile or speak with others.

You can fill a cavity or protect a broken tooth with a restoration that blends in with your smile with mercury-free options. A dentist can examine your teeth to color-match your repair.

Better for the environment

Mercury can find its way into the water system easily. After a day of working with amalgam, a dental office may unknowingly send mercury out with the water leaving the office. It then pollutes the environment, contaminating public water sources. Removing it from dental procedures is one step closer to a healthier world.

Is it a safe method?

Evidence indicates that mercury exposure may lead to seizures, fibromyalgia, lupus, allergies and multiple sclerosis. It only takes seven fillings to reach a toxic level of mercury in your mouth.

There are more robust options

Composite dental fillings give great flexibility because they mimic the natural tooth. They help to strengthen a damaged tooth.

Amalgam fillings may break or shrink after a few years of use. Not only can this damage the tooth, but it can also allow bacteria to enter the cavity.

Should you remove amalgam fillings?

The research around using mercury in dental fillings is complex. Even if you opt for mercury-free dentistry, it may be unnecessary to remove previous amalgam fillings.

By attempting to remove pleasing fillings, the dentist can damage the healthy sections of the tooth. Also, the chances of releasing mercury into your system are more significant than if you leave your metal fillings in place.

Hope this blog helps you give a better understanding of the uses of mercury-free dentistry. Contact Modern Dentistry of Peoria to schedule your visit today.

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